A Feral New Year’s Eve: Open Waters (GA)


9711 Conant HamtramckMI   December 31st, 2017   GA


Enjoy an evening with fire performers, live painters, craft vendors, food trucks, and more!


9711 Conant HamtramckMI   December 31st, 2017  GA  Doors at 7:00pm

Live Concert Featuring three of Michigans top bands: Tell Yo Mama, Biomassive, and Detroit’s own Feral Ground. The night will include fire performers, a live painting competition, craft vendors, food trucks, and more!

Costumes are highly encouraged! Come dressed as anything having to do with WATER, the more creative the better!

The date is set, the venue is locked, and the bands are in! For the first time ever Feral Ground will host a New Years bash Decemeber 31, 2017 til January 1st,2018. The venue is located in Hamtramck, MI. This event will serve as a platform for the unvieling of the Feral Fest 2018 theme! Going with the flow, the event has been titled Open Waters, and to dive right in, the night will revolve around a series of musical performances from some of Michigan’s most talented bands, such as Biomassive, Tell Yo Mama, and Feral Ground. The waves of music will be continuous throughout the night with two of Detroit’s top spin masters owning the ones and twos. As the adventure continues many treasures will be shared from fire spinners to live painters, inhancing the journey to the depths of this water world. With an array of vendors and live painting the current is sure to pull you in. There will also be several food trucks providing food for purchase throughout the night, so save the date and come see what all the hype is about, its about to be a splash!
About the bands:
Hey! We have a question. Have any of you ever heard of BIOMASSIVE? You probably have but just in case. BIOMASSIVE is a genre bending music machine. Hailing from Northern Michigan with a name that is constantly expanding, they’ve created their own electronic feel mixed with organic band play. We’ve had the privilege of sharing the stage with guys on several occassions.
Biomassive: https://www.facebook.com/biomassiveband
Feral Ground: https://www.facebook.com/feralgroundus
Next, im sure you all know the band TELL YO MAMA, right? Well, if you dont heres an overview. Theres this thing that makes us move, and its a good thing. a rhythm sync with the soul of an individual. We channel this from deep inside and outwardly display it through dance! Its the very essence of this thing that TELL YO MAMA embodies. They show a flush fusion of soul ,R&b and funk, journeying further with creative jams. Incredible instrumentation plays vehicle to high powered vocals creating contrast all well blending well. They are truly a must see.
Tell Yo Mama: https://www.facebook.com/tellyomama/
Fire Performers Provided by: https://www.facebook.com/greatlakesflowfestival


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