The Circus is coming…

 Join our festival family for three magical nights in Northern Michigan and immerse yourself in the experience of a lifetime

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Add to My Calendar 2017-07-27 12:00:00 2017-07-30 18:00:00 Eastern Time Zone Feral Fest 2017 Come join the Cirque D’Amour for three magical nights! With musical performances by Feral Ground and many other great midwest acts. 4950 West Elder Rd Loveworks Ent.

Last year’s acts

Jemille Ali Abdulla

Jack Elliot



People Movers Band

Supa Emcee

Nina & The Buffalo Riders

Who wants a free ticket? To this year AND next year?

If you don’t you can continue scrolling by…

Want a free ticket to the festival? Come and perform a circus related talent for 15 minutes on the festival grounds. We’ll even give you food and drinks on the day you perform.

email for more info or to apply today

All YOU have to do is… DRESS UP! Ya know, really go for it. You can follow the theme or come as megatron. The only rule is that you have to wear the costume for the whole feral fest. The best costume (DON’T WORRY YOU SHOULD BE EASY TO FIND) gets this years and next years ticket for free, and the three runners up get a free ticket for next year for free. Easy.

This year we want to continue encouraging people to wear a costume, we had a lot of fun last year with everyone who participated and we want to make it an even bigger part of the festival this year. We will be giving the top ten participants a free ticket to next years festival, and our grand prize winner will win a cash prize that completely covers the cost of their ticket for this year. Here’s how you can participate:
Choose Your Costume Carefully…
  1. You can wear any costume you want, but we encourage you to participate in the theme, this year we will be bringing Lewis Carrol’s: Through the Looking Glass to life.
  2. You must wear your costume at all times while inside of the venue area. So make sure you’ll be comfortable in it for long periods of time.
  3. Make sure you register for the contest at the festival merch shop; the winner will be picked from registered entries only.
So, to sum it up…
Dress up, hard. You know, really go for it. You can follow the theme or come as Megatron, just come to have fun with it. The best costume gets this years and next year’s ticket for free, and the nine runners up get a free ticket for next year’s festival for free. Easy.

Hey, are you in a band that doesn’t suck?

Feral Fest 2016 Has left a slot open for you! Just submit an mp3/mp4 or youtube link of you not sucking to Our unbiased panel of tree elves and undead will judge with telepathy, fire, and a good ear to decide which one of you gets the gig. The rest of you will likely not survive the trials. Good luck, god speed.

Call for Entries: poster design

Would you like to have your art showcased exhaulted and crowned for all eyes to see? We are looking for artists to design an 11×17 poster encompassing our theme this year of through the looking glass. Feel free to include “feral fest” or the logo, or don’t. We can do that. We have that Power.

Artists can use any or no combination of mixed media but entries should be accepted in the form of a jpg and received by ??/??/16

Want 4 VIP tickets? For Free?
Can you art?
Sculpture Competition
Theme: through the looking glass
Rules: Big enough to stand next to
Follows the theme
Can be assembled onsite or brought whole
Gotta be in some sense, shape, or form cool
Prizes: Loads of prizes. Photo opportunities
Free Tickets and Swag

Interested in Vending?

In addition to an extensive schedule of entertainment and activities at Feral Fest, there will be a great variety of unique and interesting goods for sale at several locations throughout the festival grounds. Each year, Feral Fest is committed to selecting quality craft, merchandise, art, and food vendors. Apply today to join our vendor family!
*The unauthorized sale of merchandise in the camping area is not permitted.
*For health and quality reasons, unauthorized food vendors pose a risk to festival goers. They are NOT allowed and will be shut down to alleviate that risk.
General questions may be directed to
*Sending an email DOES NOT take the place of filling out an application.*
To apply to vend at Feral Fest 2017, please follow the link below for specific information about being either a craft, food, or alcohol vendor and/or to fill out an application online.

 Join Our Volunteer Family

Feral Fest volunteers work all over Feral Fest to support the festival staff, artists, and attendees to ensure that everyone at Feral Fest has an unforgettable, exciting, fun, and safe time. As a member, you could do anything from helping set up the festival grounds to helping us maintain a green site to keep the festival grounds clean or simply putting on a smile and greeting Festival attendees as they come and go throughout the event.

Three great nights

Being at a weekend festival means the fun starts Friday evening and doesn’t quit til Sunday.

Fun, Exciting Contests

Join in a variety of competitions with fellow festival attendees for a chance to win one of a plethora of prizes.

Camping Grounds

The festival grounds is set on 10 acres of land in the great expanse of beautiful forest and breathtaking scenery.

Great Atmosphere

Feral Fest is at it’s core about the community and this will be on display in a big way throughout the festival grounds.



Feral Fest

1950 Alden Highway
Mancelona, MI 49659



If you have any questions about the event, please contact us directly. We will promptly reply in a timely fashion.

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