Jemmi Hazeman is the musical alter-ego of Jeff Yateman, a songwriter, producer & multi-instrumentalist from Somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere in Michigan. Prior to establishing his musical identity as Jemmi Hazeman, Yateman was a member of Detroit-scene indie bands Shady Groves & The Kodaks. He released his first full-length album – Kozmic Maze – in April 2018.
“The Kozmic Maze could be considered a metaphor for Life Itself, or: An expansive, spiraling journey into the existential musings & melodic consciousness of Jemmi Hazeman.”
The live band, known as Jemmi Hazeman & The Honey Riders, complements Hazeman’s nebulous indie-psych-prog-pop-rock sound, with a sonic palette encapsulating influences such as The Beatles, The Strokes & Tame Impala (and beyond), coalescing into an aural tableaux rife with groovy, spacey trippiness. The group’s live performance includes not only renditions of Hazeman’s recorded music, but also progressive & kaleidoscopic improvisational elements synergized by The Honey Riders.
The Honey Riders lineup features Hazeman jammin’ the Strat & croonin’, Jamie Dulin slappin’ da thunder-strings, Colt Caron punishin’ the black ‘n white buttons & Shane Fleisher bangin’ the bongos.

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