Feral’s Guide to the Galaxy

Herein lies the official field manual for Feral Fest. This guide will ensure your stay is full of magical bliss, anti-death, and of course, will ultimately help make all of your wildest dreams come true!

  • Leave It Clean (LIC) – In case you are new to this planet or have visited before, please be aware of the fragility of it’s current ecosystem. Over the years humans have continued to pollute this beautiful orb, seemingly attempting to transform it into a Mars-like replica. Let’s work (and play) together to clean up after ourselves and prevent a mass-extinction-level event!
  • Hydrate Yourself – Did you know that the human body is composed mostly of water? There is a reason for this – so it can go with the flow! Don’t shrivel up and die – Keep your movements lively! There are hydration stations found around the vendor area for your spacial convenience.
  • Feed Yourself – Unless you are a yogi sun-gazer, you probably need nourishment to sustain the ferality of this experience. Food is energy, and you will need at least some of it to keep your proverbial spaceship from crashing. Luckily for you, we have plenty of delicious nutrients, brought to you by the crafty vendors located on-site.
  • Protect Yourself – Earth has a species of insects named Culicidae, better known as Mosquitoes. These little vampires prey on the delicious blood of the planet’s inhabitants, and as such sustain many forms of life. You have a choice here – either allow them to drink from your sweet, dank wook-candy thus helping sustain the circle of life, or repel them using a variety of tricks (Eucalyptus oil is magical for this, as well as Peppermint oil – These also make you smell like a champion). As an added note, there have been sightings of a feral bunny in the area. If you see it, don’t panic!
  • Gear Up – Earth has a variety of weather conditions, from sun to rain and much in-between. A wise creature once told me, “There are three things I don’t trust – Someone who doesn’t look me in the eye when they speak their truth, people who hate dogs, and the weather man.” We suggest you bring gear for all the weathers, love your dog but leave it at home, and look ’em in the eye when talking about how big that “star-eating space monster” was that you caught, that one time.
  • No Canines – Don’t bring your slave dog! Regardless of how well you think you have “trained” your woofer, they will not be permitted within the grounds (unless you have legal documents proving your companion is a legitimate service animal).
  • No Weapons – Unless they expel bubbles, H2O or free-range soy candies, they are likely a no-no. Make love, not war!
  • Play Nice – Humans and other space-faring beings get along much better when good vibes are shared, rather than evilly malicious gnar-gnars. One love, one heart – let’s get together and feel alright!
  • Be Courteous With Your Poo_Pee – Believe it or not, you are not the only one who utilizes the galactic ‘black holes’ (AKA porta potties) found throughout the festival grounds. Practice your aim before the festival, so that we can all share in the most-amazing, and sterile Fecal Fest Feral Fest of all space-time!
  • Be Conscious – Stay woke ‘fam! No, that does not imply we are asking you to literally stay awake throughout the entire festival… unless of course you don’t want to miss any of the shenanigans…
  • Share Yourself – This experience is elevated by the collaboration of its’ individualities ~ Each of us is a beautiful, unique specimen with infinite potential. We grow together when we play together!