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1 – Read the Rules

Be sure to read all volunteer rules, requirements, and descriptions below

2 – Select t-shirt size

3 – Pay your processing fee

All volunteers must pay a $15 dollar processing fee in order to volunteer and pick jobs and shifts

The processing fee is non-refundable. The purpose of the fee is to cover the cost of the volunteer experience, including attire and nourishment

4 – Choose your shifts

After completing the volunteer application and paying your processing fee, you will receive an email from our staff which will include a link to where you will select the positions and shifts you wish to work. All shifts and positions are first-come, first-served. Do not wait to sign up in order to get the positions you want!

5 – Get your schedule

Schedules with volunteer positions and shifts will be released no later than three weeks prior to when you are required to be on site – this will allow you to know when you are working and give you an idea of what your free time at Feral Fest will look like as well as which bands you will be free to see

6 – Check in at Feral Fest

All volunteers will check in at the volunteer check-in tent upon arrival – there you will receive your volunteer wristband and T-shirt, and will be directed towards the volunteer campsites to set up tents and get settled-in. Only volunteers will be permitted to camp in the volunteer campsites so if you want to come and camp with friends, convince them to join our team!

7 – Work your shifts

Be sure to check in 15 minutes early to each of your shifts at the volunteer check-in tent

All volunteers are expected to be on time, sober, wearing comfortable shoes and to conduct themselves in an professional manner. Volunteer T-shirts must be worn at all times during your shift only. If it is worn when you are not scheduled to work you will be put to work

Be sure to stay at your assigned location and task until you are either taken to another work area or have been dismissed from your shift

Meal tickets will be given to each volunteer at the end of each shift

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