How to Volunteer

Volunteering at Feral Fest is not only a way to get into the festival for cheap; volunteering helps out our staff in areas that are vital to running a successful event, as well as making personal connections with our team and the other volunteers that you will be working alongside with.

Please make sure you read all of the rules, requirements, and descriptions below to make sure volunteering is something you will be interested in.

1 – Read the Rules

Be sure to read all volunteer rules, requirements, and descriptions.

2 – Fill out the application

Filling out the volunteer application means that you agree to all of the rules and requirements.

3 – Pay your processing fee

All volunteers must pay a $15 dollar processing fee in order to volunteer and pick jobs and shifts.

***The processing fee is non-refundable.***

The purpose of the fee is to cover the cost of volunteer expenses. Feral Fest volunteers are an essential part of the festival. Without each and every volunteer, Feral Fest is not possible.

4 – Choose your shifts

After completing the volunteer application and paying your processing fee, you will receive an email from our staff which will include a link to SignUp.com where you will be able to select the positions and shifts you wish to work.

All shifts and positions are first-come, first-served. So, do not wait to sign up in order to get the positions you want!

If you want to work with a friend applying together as soon as possible will help ensure that the both of you will get the same job and shift.

5 – Get your schedule

Schedules with volunteer positions and shifts will be released no later than three weeks prior to when you are required to be on site. This will allow you to know when you are working and give you an idea of what your leisure time at Feral Fest will look like as well as which bands you will be free to see.

6 – Check in at Feral Fest

All volunteers will check in at the main gate upon arrival. There you will meet our volunteer coordinator and receive your volunteer wristband and T-shirt. You will then be directed to the volunteer campsites to set up tents and get settled in. Only volunteers will be permitted to camp in the volunteer campsites so if you want to come and camp with friends, convince them to join our team.

7 – Work your shifts

Be sure to check in 15 minutes early to each of your shifts at your chosen position, Signup.com will send out reminders automatically.

All volunteers are expected to be on time, sober, wearing comfortable shoes and to conduct themselves in an professional manner. Volunteer T-shirts must be worn at all times during your shift only. If it is worn when you are not scheduled to work you may be put to work.

Be sure to stay at your assigned location and task until you are either taken to another work area or have been dismissed from your shift.

Meal tickets will be given to each volunteer at the end of each shift.



Volunteer Rules and Requirements
  1. Feral Fest volunteers must be at least 18 years old, with valid picture ID. Volunteers must have photo ID with them to check in to volunteer.
  2. Volunteers will not receive any monetary compensation.
  3. Volunteers will refrain from consuming any alcohol or drugs while on duty or prior to shift. You will be expected to work and need to remain safe while performing your duties.
  4. Volunteers will be expected to behave in a professional and respectful manner, show up on time, and wear the provided volunteer attire during their shifts. Failure to comply with these guidelines and requirements will result in forfeiture of your volunteer deposit and removal from the festival. To regain entry, you must purchase a general admission wristband (at $60), no exceptions.
Volunteering Rewards
  • Weekend pass
  • One free meal ticket
  • Official Feral Fest 2019 Volunteer T-shirt

Volunteer Shift Types (Pre-Festival, Post-Festival, During-Festival)

Pre-Festival Set Up

Pre-festival volunteers are needed to help us build up the festival grounds. We will be building structures, decorating, landscaping, and everything we need to have ready by festival time. Our teams will be going up three times and volunteers can pick their weekend of choice to come up and help for two six hour shifts.

Pre-festival volunteer jobs can be strenuous work, tasks such as clearing campsites, cutting grass, cutting/moving large trees, digging holes, building structures, cleaning debris, setting up decorations etc.

Bonus Rewards
  • Entry for official pre-festival events

These volunteers will work one 3 hour shift per day, for three days total, that’s a total of 9 hours over the weekend. They will work all over the festival in different positions. If they wish to work with a friend they must sign up at the same time and select the same position and shifts. All shifts are first-come, first-served so don’t wait until the last minute to signup.


Available Volunteer Positions:
  • Entry: Sell/take tickets, give out wristbands, find will-call names
  • Greeter: Greet festival goers. Smile! “Welcome to Feral Fest”, Direct cars to parking area.
  • Runners: Positioned at the volunteer tent awaiting specific jobs needed to run the festival
  • Green team: Helps maintain a green site to keep the festival grounds clean, collects bags of separated trash and move to the collection site.

Post-Festival Cleanup

Post festival volunteers are the ones that remain on the festival grounds the day after the festival ends to help our team with the final cleanup of the festival grounds. The grounds are very important, not only to our team but also to the owners of the property. Therefore it is extremely important to make sure that we leave this beautiful land as perfect as it was prior to the festival. We know from past experience that a poor clean up of any festival can have a very negative effect on the Earth and we strive to make sure Feral Fest will never be the cause of more litter.

Shift Times

Volunteer shifts operate between the hours of 12pm – 12am

All shifts will be a minimum of 3 hours within the following schedule:

12pm – 3pm, 3pm – 6pm, 6pm – 9pm, 9pm -12am

**********Friday 16th, Saturday 17th, and Sunday 18th**********

You must select one shift per day (three shift amounting to nine hours in total).

You will receive a shift schedule prior to the festival.

*By submitting an application, you are agreeing to all of the above guidelines.